The Challenge

This transportation client needed the ability to track when vehicles would need maintenance as well as record the run hours before vehicles broke down or required down time. Additionally, they needed the ability to plan and forecast against actuals for the annual budget. Working as a representative of DAI Source, Inc, we were hired to develop an application that would capture all these points and allow for modification.

What We Did

Cumberland Irving built a tracking model that pulled data twice per day so that the client could fully view the vehicle history, track run hours and manpower and make projections based on the collected data. The application was also developed with the ability to pull actuals for the team to track and compare the data against budget and forecast.


The transportation client was able to better schedule vehicle down time and more efficiently analyze its data by adding these advance calculations that otherwise would have been difficult to analyze solely in Excel.  The financial team was able to produce the annual budget faster and have monthly variance comparisons done in a quicker more efficient manner.